Rules & Guidelines in The [WAR] community:

  • Spam: Do not spam any of our channels that we use to promote the War Gaming Army.
  • Personal attacks: Don't attack or insult another user.  This includes calling other members trolls, fanboys, sheep, white knights, etc. If you're thinking of using a specific term such as a racial or derogatory insult, think again about why that's a bad idea, and don't do it. (No discrimination of any kind)
  • Illegal activities: If you post links to illegal downloads, ways to steal service, describe how to perform unauthorized hacks and exploits, or any other nefarious activity, then it's game over for you, kiddo.
  • Racism, sexism, and other discrimination: Attacking entire classes of people is just like attacking a single person: we'll be having words with you about it.
  • Trolling: If your in a trolling mood, maybe playing with other WAR - members is not the perfect thing to do at that moment. Trolling is destructive to serious gameplay, other people then you might be annoyed. Be mature and act in the same way you want other people to act against you.
  • Offensive usernames: If your username contains language or terms that could be interpreted offensive, we'll start a dialogue with you to change your username to something more appropriate. If you provide unsuitable replacements, we reserve the right to choose a new username at random in order to get you up and running on a temporary basis until you provide a more permanent option.
  • No Hacking: Hacking is an illegal activity and is not something that a member of WAR is using in a gameplay situation.
  • Introduction: After you introduce yourself, feel free to join us on Teamspeak when you're online. Teamspeak is our main hub of communication in the Community and we encourage everyone to be active on it.
  • Age appropriate: Images and links should also be appropriate to view by all ages, so please be mindful of this before sharing any links or uploading images as your avatar.
  • Use Common Sense: And Finally...Respect everyone, whether they are a member or not. As a member of WAR we need to respect each other, our opponents as well as potential members. Treat others with respect. Don't talk over others, use inappropriate language towards them or talk behind their backs. If another member is having a problem, help them out. We are a community and we're sure if you were in their position you would want the help.