Monthly Archives: July 2017

Arma 3 – Streamed live on May 28

A two hour session streamed live on May 28 With Sentry Nori, Major Skakker, Judo, Big Tom, Bob Lee Swagger, Pepe, Spec, Alex, Apfel Durum, Backed Beans and Spaghetti Hoops...
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New map in Arma 3

Bohemia interactive released a new map for Arma 3 the 22:nd of june. The new map is a DLC and is free off charge. It´s a lot smaller then Altis and Tanoa, but a little bit bigger then Stratis. Is this what the community in arma 3 has been waiting for? Download it and try…
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The Future of Arma? Please sign me up!

There has been some rumors on the great web. In may 9th a streamer called "Bluedrake42" posted a clip on Youtube, with some pretty interesting material. VBS-Blue is a new rendering engine, and when i see this it starts to tickle in the center of my "arma" body. Check out the video and enjoy.
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