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ARMA 3 – The Great Battle for the Town Invasion in Oreokastro

The third part of the Thursday Game Day, where you will see The Great Battle for the Town Invasion in Oreokastro, and where we will meet a totally suprised soldier named SKID OFP from the Bluefor team. Will he find a way out and survive this battle while we attack? Watch now and see how…
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New map in Arma 3

Bohemia interactive released a new map for Arma 3 the 22:nd of june. The new map is a DLC and is free off charge. It´s a lot smaller then Altis and Tanoa, but a little bit bigger then Stratis. Is this what the community in arma 3 has been waiting for? Download it and try…
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The Future of Arma? Please sign me up!

There has been some rumors on the great web. In may 9th a streamer called "Bluedrake42" posted a clip on Youtube, with some pretty interesting material. VBS-Blue is a new rendering engine, and when i see this it starts to tickle in the center of my "arma" body. Check out the video and enjoy.
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Join us at Dreamhack 2015, November 26-29

JOIN US AT DREAMHACK Dreamhack November 2015 is coming up, we are looking on ways to get to Jönkoping and attend the biggest Esport event in the world. Are u interested to join us as a WAR-member. Just sent Feras “JuDo” Wilson and message and say that u want to join us in november. Then…
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WAR TeamSpeak

TeamSpeak server Server address: No password. Act against others as you want others to act against you. The server is updated with new rooms and features, and more will come. If there is something that you think we are missing, come with proposals to one of the Admins.
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The New Map To Arma 3

The New Expansion Map To Arma 3 - TANOA Tanoa is the new map for arma 3, that has a lush tropical enviroment. Set with several ilands where you have to walk, swim, drive, fly and sail your way across the 100 km² of the south pacific archipelago. The map will be part of the…
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Dreamhack OPEN 2015

DreamHack Open Stockholm - September 25-26th Annexet Stockholm Globe Arenas Stockholm, Sweden The final will be played later today. Dont miss the matches between some off the top Teams in the world. The War Gaming Army is here watching, are you. Kind regards the War Gaming Army  
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