Bad people get banned and this is why

We've also implemented a ban system for players who do not play nice, are irritating other players with racist comments and for script kiddies who are using hacks to abuse the system.

Why does WAR have a ban system?

Well, we really don't like to ban people, but there are some toxic players out there who do not play nice and are really harmful for our community.

So we opted for a public banning and management system from Battlemetics. With their tools we can spot toxic players fast and ban them accordingly from our servers and our community.

Of course we will try to communicate with a player before we give out a ban, and you can always request the ban being lifted.

How to get unbanned

If you think you do not deserve to get the ban that was handed out to you by one of the admins, then request to have your ban lifted via our Discord channel #i-need-support.

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