Stratis server is live with new features and missions

We revived the [CGC] Stratis Wasteland server

We've revived the [CGC] Wasteland Stratis server after the CGC clan killed their servers and let down their community.

We didn't want all the players of the community be without a wasteland Stratis server to play on, so we stepped up and revived the first, and most populated server of the community.

But, we've improved the server with all the nice features that the WAR servers have to offer.

Improved map with new buildings and storage locations

We've included new buildings on the map, we've added more private storage locations and more garages on this awesome Stratis map.

New awesome missions to play

We've also created some new missions for you to play. Check out our brand new Army Bounty mission where you can get a lot of gear from the AI's and boxes filled up with weapons, ammo and launchers.

It also has a very nice and special surprise that helps you bomb an area full of enemies, so you can make a lot of kills and XP to level up fast.

Also check out the new ATM hacker mission, where you can get a small computer that you can use to hack the ATM's and get a lot of money from the bank. Be aware though, this is not a simple mission and it could take some time to hack an ATM. So get your friends to guard the ATM while you hack it, otherwise an enemie will kill you and get your great reward.

New Virtual Arsenal

We've also added the Virtual Arsenal, where you can select your loadout when you spawn. You can create multiple loadouts, and save them to be re-used when you respawn on the server.

Want to be a diver? Then select your diving gear! Want to be a hard core killer on land? Then select your favorite weapons and destroy your enemies on the ground. Or maybe you like flying a lot in helis and planes. Then select your pilot helmet and pilot uniform and kill your enemies from above.

Levels and XP system

We've also added a brand new Level system, where you level up when you kill AI's, and even get more XP when you kill real life enemies and when you revive your friends.

Enjoy the updated Stratis map

We hope you will enjoy the new environment and the new features on this great map. If you have any suggestions or if you found a bug on the server, then please let us know on our TeamSpeak server or on our Discord channel.

New server maps coming soon

We already have a [CCG] Tanoa Map running on our first server. This [CGC] Stratis map is now published on our second server, but we're not finished yet. New Wasteland maps are coming soon.

We're working on Malden, Altis and even the new Alien Livonia map.

UPDATE: The Malden map is available now! Read about it here

Stay tuned! Soon these awesome maps with all the WAR features and enhancements will be made available to the community to play on.

Want to support the community?

We put a lot of effort into our community and into our gaming servers. It all costs money, so we are grateful if you help us a little bit too.

You can support us with a basic subscription for only $1.99, a premium subscription for $4.99 or an exclusive subscription for $9.99.

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