New and Exciting Arma 3 Missions and PVP Gameplay

New Missions on Altis

We've added a lot of great and exciting new missions on the WAR Wastelands servers running the new and huge 270 square kilometres large map, and probably one of the most beautiful Arma 3 maps with the Island called Altis.

One Special Mission you'd Love to Play

We added lots of Air, Base, Bandit, Bounty, Money, Occupation, Outpost, Roadblock, Town, Transport and Water missions to the servers. At this time we have over 100 different missions running on the maps.

The most hated by some of our rich players, and loved by all the new players, is the new Bankheist and Hackers mission. The mission winner gets to steal up to 3.5% of everybody's bank account and will receive at least $200K for being the last man standing.

Exciting PVP gameplay on the smaller Arma maps

We've also added a lot of new missions and features on the servers running and the other great islands of Tanoa, which includes a land area of 100 km2 , the 57 square kilometres island of Malden, and the smallest of them all, the Island Stratis with only 20 km2.

Each of these great Arma maps have their own typical gameplay.

On the smaller maps of Malden and Stratis you will meet more players for close combat fights. But not only that, you will see more players working in teams of Blufor and Opfor, when they are fighting against the local clans and extremist individuals all across these gorgeous islands.

Next to that, you will have to fight AI's at the missions, and you will definitely meet up with deadly enemy AI's with tanks, helis and planes who roam around these smaller maps.

The smaller maps are for hard core players, who love a challenge playing against terrorist Indi players, groups of Opfor and Bluefor teams and highly skilled AI troops.

Players create their own homes with our Base Building features on the bigger maps

On the bigger map of Tanoa and the huge map of Altis you will see more base building, where players do a lot of missions, and stack their own homes full with tanks, helis and boxes full of amazing and powerful gear.

Most of these pro players have, next to a lot of money in their bank account, also a secret stash of cash hidden away in a safe, safely locked, deep inside their castle.

So, what's good for you?

Well, that's all about the game play you like.

Malden and Stratis

Do you like PVP and hard core action?

Then the Malden map with it's high mountains will be an awesome place to hang out and shoot some bad guys.

But you definitely have to check out the small map of Stratis, where there are lots of aggressive fights between local clans, many of the extremists individuals and hard core AI's.

Tanoa and Altis

If you like to have your own base and do missions all the time, make a lot of money and move around in expensive gear and vehicles, then Tanoa and Altis are the places to be.

There are lots of places on these two maps where you can build your own home, and where you can store your valuables. There are lots of highways and airfields where you can ride your tank and take off with your expensive private plane which is armed with destructive 30mm guns, amazing Anti Air and Anti Ground missiles, and powerful bombs that can destroy entire city neighbourhoods.

Be sure to check out these amazing maps on the WAR Wasteland servers.

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