New features and changes on the WAR Arma Servers

Some of you have already noticed some of the changes on our WAR Arma servers.

New missions, new features, price changes in the stores and some drastic differences in the mission rewards are just some of the changes we implemented on our Stratis, Tanoa and Malden servers.

New missions

We've added some amazing new missions for you to play. A total of 50 new missions have been added to the WAR servers.

Some of them are easy, but be careful. Some of the new missions have great mission rewards, but are really hard with smart AI's who can easily kill you. So be prepared and take a spawn beacon and some friends with you when you try to capture those new missions.

Price changes in the stores

We want to make the economy more alive with more spending by the players and with more money circulating from missions rewards to stores.

We have changed the prices of the over powered planes and helis. Those OP air vehicles are a bit expensive now, so you need to work hard to gather enough money to buys those items in the vehicle stores.

We also changed the prices of some of the clothing items, guns, smgs and rocket launchers. Some of 'm are a bit more expensive than you were used to before we implemented the latest changes.

Map changes

We've also added some cool map changes and we've added a lot of new structures on the maps of Tanoa, Stratis and Malden.

On Stratis you will see additional oil rigs, air craft carriers and big ships. We've also changed all the towns to capture zones, so you can make more money owning places around the map, and with the extra benefit that you see a marker on the map when other players are trying to steal your zones. Also the airfields of Statis and Tanoa have been altered and they now contains a lot of new structures for you to hide in and shoot enemies who are buying helis, planes and tanks at the local vehicle store.

Tanoa also has a Blufor and Opfor base with AI's that will shoot anyone who isn't allowed in these bases. But when you do capture those bases, you will get rich by the massive reward and by the awesome vehicles that are stored in the hangars.

View distance set to 2500

We've changed the view distance on all the servers. They were a bit too much for some of the players who do not have a lot of CPU and GPU power. They were unable to compete with power users who have the latest hardware in their setup and could use the max view distance without any problems.

So it's set to 2500 max now on all of the Wasteland servers.

Garages are back

Lots of people complained when we removed the garage feature from our servers. We do listen to our community of Arma enthousiast, so we've put that feature back on the servers. Now you can safely store your vehicles again in your private garage on our Wasteland maps.

ATM's not close by stores anymore

We've moved all the ATM's from the stores to other locations across the map. Sometimes you're in luck and your ATM of choice is just around the corner, but sometimes it's a bit harder.

It could happen that you have to walk, drive or fly more than half a kilometer before you can buy your favorite vehicle or gun in the store.

So be extra careful when you take out those 2 million bucks for an awesome killer plane. Look around for enemies and sprint fast from the ATM to the vehicle store.

Random roaming AI's will hunt you too

We also added roaming AI's who will spawn in cities, drop from the air with parachutes or will drive on the roads towards your location. These AI's will hunt you, try to shoot you and they will steal your stuff. So be careful and don't leave your vehicles unlocked or these AI's will take your tank, heli or plane and fly away with your expensive goodies.

Night time goes twice as fast

The night time is changed a little too. We still like the dark a lot, but we've set the clock to go twice as fast during the dark times, so the night will be over fast. We changed this for players who do not like the darker periodes between 8PM and 5AM in-game time.

Now it only takes 35 to 45 minutes of real-time before it turns day time again.

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