The power of teamwork

WAR Gaming took it today to Yannuka where they faced alot of enemies from both the ground and the sky. With tactical coordination, determination and, most importantly, teamwork, WAR Gaming Army soldiers were able to defeat the threats and occupy an island with an airstrip. The team then decided to build a base on the island to protect it with ease, and it turned out to be a very good idea as the enemy looked mostly disoriented and unable to react to our moves. The enemies finally gave up after a multiple failed invasion attempts.

Looking at the scoreboard we actually were having the best score on the server surpassing the blufor and opfor team, which is incredible!

Just before the server restarted we were still at number one position with a staggering 121 kills.

Take a look at the awesome pictures from the gameplay:

The view from the base outpost:

Credit to the awesome players:

[WAR] JuDo
[WAR] AvasT
[WAR] MagicDeath
[WAR] Hannes
[WAR] Jay Mcwade
[WAR] MajorSkakker
[WAR] Turbofarbro
[WAR] motte
[WAR] whallin
[WAR] Spec
[WAR] Theo
[WAR] Viktor Griffin

Thanks for tuning in and cya in the next battle!

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