WAR GAMING ARMY is launching its gaming community

Welcome folks!

Today we are launching our community for the games Arma 3, CS:GO, DayZ and COD:AW. We hope that we will provide you with the best gaming experience by being online most time of the week so you always have company wether you are playing Arma 3, CS:GO or any other game. We love to play! We love to have tactics when playing! And most of all we love to have a nice community where anyone can ask about anything.

The admins of WAR Gaming are JuDo, Aftershaw and MagicDeath welcomes you to join the community through the steam group: War Gaming Army (Game Tag: - [WAR] -).

Stay tuned for more news that will make your experience even better. Please support us by joining the group, participating in the team, and most of all, enjoy the game!

Updates are coming.


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