Kerama Islands map environment is discontinued

Sadly we had to discontinue the Kerama Islands environment

This is what we wrote before the ending of the experiment with these amazing islands.

Kerama Islands environment is ready for Alfa testing

We are working on a new environment for our Arma community and released a new server with the Kerama Islands map.

This new environment is still an Alfa release and is not completely finished yet, but we do accept players to come and take a look at this incredible map.

The terrain of Kerama Islands

The terrain is based on the real Kerama Islands you can find near Okinawa in the south of Japan.

There are three islands that are connected by bridges and have an island integrating an airport and a secret underground marine base.

On a total area of approximately 22 km² and a maximum altitude of 182 metres, the archipelago is one of the tourist destinations of Japan with sandy beaches, cliffs and a lush flora.

However, the major part of the islands is covered with vegetation and forest.

The terrain includes a mix of real and fictional areas

Kerama Islands is not an exact replica of the original archipelago, but rather a mix of real and fictional that creates a great environment to play on.

It consists of:

- 5 Islands
- Around 22km²
- 2 Large towns
- Many small villages and compounds
- One zone for PvP only (with an awesome underground submarine base)
- Varied terrain types and landscapes
- Many small clearings were you can have great battles with the enemies

You are welcome to test our Alfa version of Kerama Islands

You are welcome to test the new environment and play on this new map, but be aware that we are still developing on this new server.

There are still bugs that we have to fix and features that we have to implement before we call it production ready.

You need a map Mod to play on this server

You need to download only one map mod to play on this server.

Go to the Steam Workshop and download Kerama Islands created by the Veterans via the following link:

Click on the SUBSCRIBE button to download the map and play on our server.

You can find this new server by searching for: [WAR] Wasteland Kerama Islands

Please note: You need to have this mod enabled before you can play on the new server.

Give us your tips to improve the map and gameplay on the new server

If you have suggestions to improve the Kerama Islands map, then please let us know on the new #Kerama-Island-Alfa-Release channel on Discord.

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