Steam Login for Reserved Slot


We put a lot of effort into our community and into our gaming servers.
It all costs money, so we are grateful if you help us a little bit too.
You can add a reserved slot to your account for $4.99 or you can get an Exclusive VIP reserved slot for $9.99.


Get a reserved slot on the Arma servers
Your reserved slot will be activated within 5 to 15 minutes. It does not require a server to restart to go active.


Exclusive VIP priority slots
Priority VIP slots do not function like reserved slots. If the server is full (50/70 players) no one can join unless they are a exclusive VIP priority player. When a priority player joins the server, he/she takes up one of the priority slots until a regular player leaves and frees up a regular slot. At this point the priority player is moved into that slot automatically, freeing up the priority slot again. If for whatever reason all 10 priority slots are full then no one can join regardless of account status.


How Does it Work?
The reserved slot is based on your SteamID GUID that we pull automatically from Steam when you log in. After the PayPal payment is completed our system gets pinged and your identification is pushed to our servers.


After selecting your subscription and finishing the payment via Paypal, your reserved slot will be added to your steam account. You must sign in through Steam in order to contribute for a reserved slot.


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