The Founding Fathers

The founding fathers are three crazy specialists of the secret underground organisation WAR who spilled the beans on the underground society WAR and publicly announced their secret hide-out to the gaming community on WAR GAMING ARMY.

They have fought many battles, including the well known 'Big Bang Fight' according to the Book of Revelations, and history tells us they fought with many of the different orders of the secret society, but the powerfull clan of this three brave combat specialists prevaled.

Those three brave specialists are now called 'the founding fathers' by the secret members of the underground movement WAR GAMING ARMY. They run the organisation, recruit and train new members and organize the battles against all the evildoers worldwide.

According to the Book of Revelations we found out who these heroes really are:

Feras 'the joker' Judo became famous for his awesome martial arts moves. He can kill a human in 1920 different ways, many times within 1.080 seconds.

As well as giving training sessions all over the world to premier special forces units like the US Seals, Russian Spetsnaz, British SAS and the Swedish Special Operations Task Group SOG, he also operates in secret missions himself.

Taking out many bad boys during the boots on the ground missions behind enemie lines, he operated in the Southern parts of Africa and the Eastern parts  of Asia attacking the warlords of the local evil doing and criminal tribes.

Peder 'the sniper' Aftershaw got well known by his reputation as the silent grim reaper taking out the enemies from far away without a noise and without any of the bad boys even noticing. You could see headless bodies drop down on the ground within seconds after the order was given to attack.

Next to travelling world wide to train premier special forces units like the US Marines, the Swedish Särskilda Sniper Specialists and the Norwegian Forsvarets Special Forces unit, he also operates in secret missions himself.

Leaving a trail of blood behind him during the shootouts with the Nyralian seperatists and the Kommish tribes, he never stops caring out his unit. Using his great tactical skills he never lost a soldier from his combat crew during his wars against the evildoers and always gets all of his team members come home safely.

Liam 'the actor' MagicDeath is the medic and chopper pilot who will resque you when you are far behind enemy lines even when you are surrounded by bad folks. He is well known by his awesome knife tricks that he uses to kill the enemies as close range.

While travelling the world as an actor playing the hero in first class movies, this specialist trains the pilots of helicopters and aircrafts of the US Marines, Australian Special Forces and the British Special Air Service SAS to get the crew safely on the ground during dangerous missions in enemie territories.

Next to acting as a hero in the movies this medical specialist is also a hero during the fights on the ground and in the air. Killing the bad guys at close range, he also always manages to get his team safely on the ground and if necessary out of any hot zone using his famous crasy ass manouvres with his heli.

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