Emerging out of hiding

After years of hiding in different parts of the world, having the wildest adventures and doing the craziest stunts while battleling the baddest of the baddest, some parts of the underground organisation of combat specialists came out of hiding and want to tell their war stories to the general public.

Spilling the beans

Three crazy specialists of the secret underground organisation WAR started to spill the beans and publicly announced their secret hideout to the gaming community on WAR GAMING ARMY.

Of course this didn't fell in good grounds with the other members and reprecentitives of the WAR organisation at all. Many battles, including the welll known 'Big Bang Fight', were fought between the different orders of the secret society, but the powerfull clan of this three brave combat specialists prevaled.

Founding Fathers

Those three brave specialists are now called 'the founding fathers' by the secret members of the underground movement WAR GAMING ARMY. They run the organisation, recruit and train new members and organize the battles against all the evildoers worldwide.

Liam 'the actor' MagicDeath is the medic and chopper pilot who will resque you when you are far behind enemy lines and surrounded by bad folks, while killing some of them silently with his awesome knife tricks.

Peder 'the sniper' Aftershaw is the silent grim reaper will blow a shit load of brains out from far away. Before you know it all the enemies drop dead on the ground without the bad boys even noticing anything.

Feras 'the joker' Judo is the guy in the front of the battle. He is always there as one of the first to aggressivly attack the enemies in their hiding places and scaring the shit out of them with his crazy martial arts moves.

More on the Founding Fathers can be found here.

If you want to know more about the internal struggles and the 'Big Bang Fight',  then read this article.

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