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The Future of Arma? Please sign me up!

There has been some rumors on the great web. In may 9th a streamer called "Bluedrake42" posted a clip on Youtube, with some pretty interesting material. VBS-Blue is a new rendering engine, and when i see this it starts to tickle in the center of my "arma" body. Check out the video and enjoy.
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The New Map To Arma 3

The New Expansion Map To Arma 3 - TANOA Tanoa is the new map for arma 3, that has a lush tropical enviroment. Set with several ilands where you have to walk, swim, drive, fly and sail your way across the 100 km² of the south pacific archipelago. The map will be part of the…
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ARMA 3 – The Great Battle for the Supply Truck at the Factory

The second part of the Thursday Game Day, where you will see The Great Battle for the Supply Truck at the Factory, and where we met some soldiers like Nyan Mech, [ALPHA] LK220, [TBB] Matro, DovaKhiin, Taz Edhe. Will they kill us and win this battle for the supply truck? Watch now and see how…
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