Arma 3 WAR GAME at Arma Junkies #1 server on Saturday the 3th of October

A massive battle was going on on the east side of the Altis Island on ArmaJunkies.

If you missed the live stream of the Saturday Game Day, then go to the Twitch or the YouTube channel where you will see the massive battle for the east part of the Altis island, and where we meet some enemie soldiers from the BW clan and the Wut clan.

It's a great battle with lots of exitement on the ground and in the air and where we kill a lot of serious players.

We get some enemie clan members from Wut and the BW clan really angry after we kill them over and over again. They are getting back with big tanks to try to take us down.

Will they kill us and win this battle for the east part of Altis?
Watch now and see how this fight turnes out.

You will see the players of WAR together with their friends Ananas, Bob Lee Swagger, Asscrack, SweMachine and TMRaga.

See this on Twitch:

See it on YouTube:

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