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New and Exciting Arma 3 Missions and PVP Gameplay

New Missions on Altis We've added a lot of great and exciting new missions on the WAR Wastelands servers running the new and huge 270 square kilometres large map, and probably one of the most beautiful Arma 3 maps with the Island called Altis. One Special Mission you'd Love to Play We added lots of…
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Bad people get banned and this is why

We've also implemented a ban system for players who do not play nice, are irritating other players with racist comments and for script kiddies who are using hacks to abuse the system. Why does WAR have a ban system? Well, we really don't like to ban people, but there are some toxic players out there…
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New features and changes on the WAR Arma Servers

Some of you have already noticed some of the changes on our WAR Arma servers. New missions, new features, price changes in the stores and some drastic differences in the mission rewards are just some of the changes we implemented on our Stratis, Tanoa and Malden servers. New missions We've added some amazing new missions…
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Arma Tournament on every Saturday at 21:00 hours CET

The Big Money Heist mission on every WAR server You are invited to join our tournament called The Big Money Heist on our Tanoa and Stratis servers! This brand new tournament will start on the WAR Arma servers with the WAR clan, other players from several awesome clans and individual hard core soldiers. These hard…
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ARMA Servers & Statistics

  #1   WAR Gaming Wasteland Altis |AI|VA|Custom Missions #2   WAR Gaming Wasteland Stratis |AI|VA|Custom Missions #3   WAR Gaming Wasteland Malden |AI|VA|Custom Missions #4   WAR Gaming Wasteland Tanoa |AI|VA|Custom Missions #5   WAR Gaming Wasteland Chernarus Redux |AI|VA|Custom Missions #6   WAR Gaming Wasteland Zargabad HardCore |AI|VA|SPECIAL   To be released #7  …
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ARMA 3 – The Great Battle for the Supply Truck at the Factory

The second part of the Thursday Game Day, where you will see The Great Battle for the Supply Truck at the Factory, and where we met some soldiers like Nyan Mech, [ALPHA] LK220, [TBB] Matro, DovaKhiin, Taz Edhe. Will they survive this battle while we attack? Watch now and see how this fight turns out.
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Kerama Islands map environment is discontinued

Sadly we had to discontinue the Kerama Islands environment This is what we wrote before the ending of the experiment with these amazing islands. Kerama Islands environment is ready for Alfa testing We are working on a new environment for our Arma community and released a new server with the Kerama Islands map. This new…
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Malden server is live with all the WAR community features

We revived another [CGC] Wasteland server. This time it's the Malden map. We've revived another one of the [CGC] Wasteland servers after the CGC clan killed their servers and let down their community. This time we revived the Malden map, because we didn't want all the players of the community be without a wasteland Malden…
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