Arma Tournament on every Saturday at 21:00 hours CET

The Big Money Heist mission on every WAR server

You are invited to join our tournament called The Big Money Heist on our Tanoa and Stratis servers!

This brand new tournament will start on the WAR Arma servers with the WAR clan, other players from several awesome clans and individual hard core soldiers. These hard core killers will try to rush to the main tournament mission, kill the tournament leaders and get their money.

The Mission

The mission is to rush to the location of the tournament leaders who are located somewhere on the map, holding a big bunch of money.

You have to get there as fast as possible, because other players and teams will be rushing to that same location too. Try to kill the tournament leaders fast, while you kill and hold off the other players.

When you killed the tournament leaders, then you should pick up all the money bundles with a total sum of $1.000.000. Take all the money and go as fast as you can to an ATM near you and deposit all the money there in the ATM.

Easy mission, or not?

Looks easy, doesn't it? But it’s not going to be easy at all. Other teams and individual players will be trying to rush to mission location on the map as well, and they will be trying to kill and steal your cash along the way.

So do yourself and your team a favour. Get there with a lot of fire power and take a spawn beacon along with you. So even when you get killed, you can easily participate again and get right back into the action and have your moment to steal all the cash from the tournament leaders.

The winning player and his team will get a whole bunch of prices

The winner and all the members of the winning team will receive additional XP and $1.000.000 in-game money that you can spend on tanks, planes or some awesome gear. And of course the honour of being a bad ass!

Everyone is welcome to join the tournament

Everyone that joins the Tanoa or Statis server is welcome to join this amazing tournament. Just be there on time and try get your hands on the money.


The tournament will be available on the Tanoa and the Statis maps on our servers.


Start time: every Saturday at around 21:00 hours CET (20:00 GMT/UTC).

Let the game begin!

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